EUBAM Awarded Prize for Supporting Customs

The EU Border Assistance Mission to Libya (EUBAM Libya) has been awarded a prize by the authorities for its support to the development of Libyan Customs at a graduation ceremony for over 1,000 customs recruits at the Customs Training Centre in Tripoli (pictured).

Mustafa Turjman, Director General of Libyan Customs, thanked EUBAM for its support in achieving better cooperation with the sister agencies of Border Police, Border Guards and Coast Guards.

In reply, EUBAM Acting Head of Mission Peter Rundell said:

Customs have a central role, helping to promote the good – legitimate trade, and the revenue it brings in for Government – and to prevent the bad – contraband, counterfeit, and smuggling.

As a civilian crisis management mission with a capacity-building mandate, EUBAM Libya's border management experts meet with their counterparts in the Libyan Customs, Border Police, Coast Guard and Border Guard on a weekly basis and the Libyan authorities approved this month a joint EUBAM–Customs working group to study the re-organisation of Libyan Customs.

The EU Border Assistance Mission to Libya (EUBAM Libya) supports Libyan authorities in developing border management and security at the countries land, sea and air borders. The Mission started in May 2013 and is now the largest international presence in the field, with an annual budget of around €30 million.

This civilian initiative responds to an invitation by Libya, and is part of the EU's comprehensive approach, which supports the Libyan post-conflict reconstruction. EUBAM Libya's initial mandate is for two years; its headquarters are in Tripoli although its work benefits all the country's borders.

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info)

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