Weekly Security Report by SNE, 11th Feb 2014

By Tripoli Operations Manager, SNE Special Projects.

North-Western Libya: The situation overall in the Capital and surrounding area has improved over the past week, it would appear that the Warshafana issue has been subdued sufficiently and work on the damaged power lines is making good progress. The main road out of Tripoli south through Aziziyah has reopened after two months of deteriorated security along the route.

Local councils along with Government security services have implemented a plan to provide more mobile and static units operating in the area. Last Friday 7th February which was the deadline day for the GNC handover passed without incident and we saw only peaceful protests in the city, due in part to the Grand Mufti declaring that any violence would be Haram and be seen as a further delay in the recovery of the country.

In addition there was a heightened security presence from Government forces alongside Misratian and Zintaan militias’ to prevent any illegal forces from entering the city limits. This is viewed as a positive, albeit slow, step forward.

Eastern Libya: The East of Libya has again seen much unrest over the last reporting period, with continued bombings and shootings. There has been a significant change with bombings, in so far that there is more targeting of civilian based areas as opposed to military and police targets. Most recently a restaurant on the Corniche was destroyed which was followed by a second explosion minutes later in a nearby street.

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