Proposed New Cabinet Rejected

A cabinet reshuffle proposed by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan (pictured) has been rejected on Sunday by Libya's General National Congress (GNC).

MP Mahmoud al-Gheriani told Anadolu Agency that parliament turned down the request, "given an earlier agreement to withdraw confidence from the government in mid-February".

Libya Herald reported that the proposed new ministers were:

  • Mahmoud Ajaj, current head of HIB, to replace Ali Hussein Al-Sharif at Housing and Utilities;
  • Mraja Gaith, current Deputy Minister of Finance, at Finance (replacing Alkilani Abdel-Kareem);
  • Mohamed Muftah Nuh, currently head of the PIB Western Region, at Economy (replacing Mustafa Abofanas);
  • Fathi Mohamed Abdul-Latif at Oil and Gas (replacing Abdulbari Al-Arusi);
  • Saleh Mazen Abdurrahman Barasi, current head of Tripoli CID, at Interior, currently being run by the Deputy Prime Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim;
  • Ibrahim Sharkas as Youth and Sports Minister to replace Abdulsalam Guaila;
  • Mohamed Bashir Abduldaim as Local Government Minister, replacing Abubakr Al-Hadi Mohammed; and,
  • Minister Habib Al-Amin is taking on the Information Ministry.

(Sources: Worldbulletin, Libya Herald)


One Response to Proposed New Cabinet Rejected

  1. Kimberly Jones 11th February 2014 at 2:26 pm #

    The GNC spends way too much time pointing fingers and being in replacement mode than getting down to the real work at hand which is developing a new constitution for the NEW LIBYA. Additionally, I believe the GNC has enabled the militia in such a way that any time the hear something the don't like they asset their "power by brandishing weapons at the parliament building, kidnaping the PM or someone else, or some other antic. In a moderate Muslim country that was/is destined for democracy, the GNC is being controlled by thugs. A new cabinet will not fix that. What can fix it will take courage on the part of the elected "leaders."

    I suggest a law be passed that will make it illegal to carry a weapon in public unless the person is a civil servant or military (not militia). Anyone who then carries a weapon is subject to arrest. Another law could be passed to allow persons to carry "concealed" weapons for protraction of self or others, however, the weapon must be a hand gun and remain concealed unless their is an eminent threat. In any case, cowboys wielding guns causing havoc must be removed. Once this is done a few times the behavior should change.

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