Tender: Judicial Training and Curriculum Development

UNDP Libya is working with the High Judicial Council and the High Judicial Institute in Libya to conduct training for a total of 900 judges in Tripoli, Al Zawiya, Misrata, and Al Khoms.

This initiative will also support the High Judicial Institute in its updating the induction course curriculum; the development of a comprehensive continuing legal education program for judicial and clerical staff. In support of this objective, we are currently looking for a commercial or nonprofit entity to provide judicial training, as well as to strengthen the capacity of the High Judicial Council to design, deliver and maintain staff development curricula.

For the judicial training component, the project will mobilize Arabic speaking trainers to deliver a number of training sessions on different topics to the Libyan judiciary. This will include induction training for 300 newly appointed judges, and CLE training for 600 sitting judges.

For the capacity building components, the project will support the High Judicial Institute in developing the skills and expertise needed to assess staff training needs and to use that information to design and deliver appropriate continuing education opportunities for both judicial and clerical staff.

There are five activities involved in this scope of work:

  1. Induction training for 300 newly appointed judges in Tripoli;
  2. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training 600 sitting judges in Tripoli, Zawiya, Misrata, and Al-Khoms;
  3. Developing a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) curriculum for sitting judges;
  4. Revising and updating the induction course curriculum for newly appointed judges;
  5. Developing a training curriculum for clerical and other support staff

Contact: Alfonso Ortega - [email protected], Tel: +218 21 340649394

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