Constitution Assembly Vote set for Feb 20

Libya will elect a 60-member assembly on 20th February to draft a new constitution.

According to Reuters, setting the date for the vote was a small step in a transition that has frustrated Libyans since the fall of Gaddafi with the fragile government often at the mercy of rival bands of former rebels who refuse to accept Tripoli's authority.

Announcing the date of the vote, the president of the General National Congress (GNC) Nouri Abusahmain said:

"We want all Libyan people and groups to reconcile and support these elections."

The Assembly will have 120 days to draft a new charter, which would then be submitted to a popular referendum. If the document is approved, an election for a proper parliament would be held in late 2014.

(Source: Reuters)

(Election image via Shutterstock)

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