Weekly Security Update


The separatist agenda of Cyrenaica that is being played out through the activities of Ibrahim Jadran and his stranglehold on the key eastern ports of Ras Lanuf, Es-Sider and Zuweitina through which over 600,000 barrels per day were being exported continues.  Moves towards the separatists selling oil unilaterally have been strongly resisted by the government that resulted last week in the Libyan Navy opening fire on a Maltese-flagged tanker that refused to bar away from its course into Es-Sider.  There is no sign of the disruptions abating and its impact is deepening and if not resolved will hit across both the public and private sectors in Libya.

Failure to achieve resolution within the oil and gas sector is continuing to bring pressure to bear on the Prime Minister from his political opponents.  That has been increased further by the killing of the government’s Deputy Industry Minister in Sirte on Saturday.

Tribal clashes are continuing down in the South around Sebha.

Even the Prophet’s birthday, Mawlid Al-Nabi, has not been casualty-free with over 600 people being injured through celebratory firework accidents in Tripoli alone.

Tripolitania (Western Libya)

Hassan al-Droui was shot dead whilst visiting his hometown of Sirte on Saturday.  Libya’s Deputy Industry Minister was killed whilst driving in the town.  The attack was very deliberate as it has also been reported that an unexploded improvised explosive device was discovered on the underneath of his car.  Al-Droui was the first member of the government to be murdered.  Islamists are being blamed for the murder.

Ali Zeidan, the Prime Minister, has sought to deflect the building political pressure on him by announcing his intention to reshuffle his cabinet.  This follows continuing calls for a vote of no-confidence in him in the General National Congress.  One of the portfolios expected to be addressed is that of the Minister of the Interior.

Cyrenaica (Eastern Libya)

This week saw another assassination of a member of the Security Forces in the east, this time in Derna.  Ziyad al-Nuaisry, a Special Forces officer was killed on Sunday as he left the Hussein Mosque in the town.  Derna has been a hotbed of Islamist extremism with some 19 security or government officials murdered there last year.

Fezzan (Southern Libya)

There has been prolonged and sustained inter-tribal fighting between the Tebu and Awlad Suleiman tribes in and around Sebha.  So far it is believed that 19 have been killed and a further 25 wounded.  The fighting was sparked by following the killing of a Revolutionary commander by Tebu gunmen on Saturday.  The airport has been closed as a result and fighting continued over Saturday and Sunday.  Sebha saw bouts of tribal fighting, prison breaks and bank robberies during 2013.

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