400 New Transport Projects Last Year

Transport Minister Abdelgader Ahmed [Abdel-Qader Mohamed Ahmed Al-Ayib] (pictured) has said that over 400 projects had been 'activated' by his department last year, including that resumption of 12 major road projects and 85 agricultural road projects.

Summarising his department’s activities for the previous year, he added that a total of 150 road maintenance projects and 8 metal bridges were contracted to be built in the first quarter of 2014, and he announced that 25 new road projects are being studied.

He pointed out that in fact the government’s time in office was only six months when considering that the budget was only passed in June and money started to be released in July 2013, with demonstrations further reducing the effective time in office to four months.

He also revealed that 10 branches of the Roads and Bridges Authority will be set up as well as 30 regional service offices and 12 regional road-service centres.

Four port maintenance projects are underway at Zuwara, Sirte, Tripoli and Benghazi, and there will be other tenders for the ports of Tripoli and Sirte and for maintenance tenders for the ports of Benghazi and Derna.

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