Oil Strikes Imperil Public Salaries

Labour Minister Mohamed Swalin has said that strikes at major ports and oilfields are undermining Libya's ability to pay public salaries, and are deterring foreign investment:

"There's a huge impact of this strike issue ... Salaries for Libyans are now at risk."

He added that the strikes would lead Libya into a "dark tunnel" and deter the return of foreign companies that left during the 2011 uprising.

Ibrahim Jathran, leader of the movement for autonomy in the eastern province of Cyrenaica said that talks with Tripoli to gain a greater share of oil revenue for the east had failed.

There has also been no progress toward reopening Hariga port in the far east, despite an announcement by a local oil official last week that the terminal would resume exports within days.

(Source: Reuters)

(Strike image via Shutterstock)

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