Libya Innovation Prize 2013

The Ministry of Higher Education and the National Authority for Scientific Research have held the inaugural “Libyan Innovation Prize” at the Radisson hotel, Tripoli.

The two-day event honoured the top 45 undergraduate final year projects at Libyan universities and technical colleges in the fields of engineering, architecture, English language, ITC and pharmacy. Participating students were from universities in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Nefusa Mountains and Zliten.

First prize was LD 7,000, the second LD 4,000 and the third LD 2,000; the winners were also granted a job interview by Libya’s telecoms companies.

The first prize for English went to Isra Buzeid from Misrata University, Fawzia Al-Dabaa from Tripoli University came first in Pharmacology, Ayoub Al-Shreek won the prize for Chemical, Oil and Geology Engineering from Tripoli University, Zeinab Al-Ghoul from Misrata University won the ITC prize, Hmeed Badi from Misrata University won the Mechanical, Aeronautical & Naval Engineering prize , Rami Al-Jahany from Benghazi University won the civil engineering prize and Amin Embarak from Tripoli University won the Electric and Electronic engineering prize.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Innovation image via Shutterstock)

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