Sirte Tender for Emergency Shut-Down System

Sirte Oil Company has announced bidding of the following projects:

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We urge specialized companies that consider themselves qualified to execute any of the above-mentioned projects, and wish to participate, to contact Secretariat of S.O.C Main Tenders Committee, at Marsa El-Brega to purchase tender document (s) at non refundable indicated fees against each project, payment only by certified cheque. The following documents are required:-

· A copy of the Company’s Commercial Register (Valid).

· A copy of a valid License to Run Business.

· A copy of a valid certificate proving payment of tax.

· Financial position of the Company for the last three years. copy of the Authorization given by the Ministry for Economy and Trade to carry out Business in Libya (for Foreign Companies Only).

· A Prove of Ability & Experience to carry out the required work.

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