Electricity Crisis in Libya

The Libyan Minister for Electricity, Omar al-Mahrigui, has warned Libyans to be prepared for a serious electricity crisis across the country following the disruption of gas and fuel supplies to the main power stations.

According to a report from Afriquejet, the Amazigh and Toubou tribes are sabotaging supplies as their own way of seeking the inclusion of their dialects and cultures in a future Libyan Constitution.

The minister said the situation was “complicated and critical”, mainly in Tripoli, following the closure of the gas pipeline that connects the Wafa oil field to the power station of al-Robess, the main source of electricity for towns in Western Libya. Production at al-Robess has fallen by between 400MW and 500MW.

He also said the situation was bad in the east of the country where protesters have blocked the road  supplying fuel and gas to the power station of al-Sarire. The director of that station has warned that the it would completely stop operations by the end of the week because of the lack of supply.

(Source: Afriquejet)

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