SNC-Lavalin "seeking to Restart Work in Libya"

The Montréal-based company SNC-Lavalin Group, the largest engineering and construction company in Canada, is reported to be trying to pick up work again in Libya, signalling it is ready to move on from corruption allegations that tie the firm to the country’s former dictatorship.

Citing an email from a company spokesperson, the Financial Post says that with the support of the Canadian embassy in Libya, SNC-Lavalin has maintained contact with the Libyan authorities "to resume projects when the situation will allow ... We sincerely hope the best for Libya and the Libyan people, and also hope to be part of their future if we can.

The company has offices in Libya with around 30 employees, and has been active in the country for more than 40 years.

SNC is working on eventually restarting the Benghazi Lakes project, which involves the cleanup of three water bodies in Benghazi, and the $500-million Benina Airport projects, to build a new international terminal, runway and apron, also in Benghazi.

(Source: Financial Post)

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