Oil Importers "Won’t Deal with Libya’s Militia"

A World Bank oil expert claims that Libyan militia will not be able to successfully control the country’s oil production.

Mamdouh Salameh, told the Russian news agency RT:

"The militia or the armed gangs want to control the assets of oil production so that they can finance their activities. They will not succeed and they will also have to repair the damage to the oil industry in Libya.

"Furthermore, the major importers like Italy, France and Germany will not deal with them; they would rather buy oil from somewhere else but not deal with the militia."

He went on to say that the Libyan government "is in [a] real mess" because they cannot issue the budget without knowing how much oil they will be able to export and what revenue they will get.

(Source: RT)

(Oil tank image via Shutterstock)

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