Brega Tender for Drilling and Soil Sampling

Thirdly -Commercial Documents

Full detailed report including company commercial activities during last three years for production.

Submit of company profile with full details of similar contracts performed with relevant and verifiable reference list of clients where the works had been undertaken literature/catalogue of the entire range of work / service/equipment’s and any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant .


All above documents should be approved from Libyan Embassy at Company Homeland for the foreign companies .

-All the related documents are to be submitted in a closed envelop headed to Brega Higher Procurement Committee Office at Tripoli Airport Road, behind Tripoli terminal - Building of Financial Department from 13/11/2013 to the end of working day of Thursday 05/12/2013.

Taking in your consideration that :-

- All communication must be with an authorized person.

-This pre-qualification announcement neither represents an invitation to tender nor a commitment on behalf of Brega Company to invite the participant to bid.

For further information please contact High Procurement Committee Office.

Direct Line : 00218 21 3622496

Or Through Operator:-00218212203501-5&0021821214803010-14

Ext :14404-5-6

(Source: NOC)

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  1. Lisa Higginbottom 18th March 2014 at 4:14 pm #


    I am trying to contact the training department but the numbers I have seem to be out of order. Could you email me the correct number please.

    Kind regards


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