New Libyan Airline Buys Airbus A350

A new Libyan airline, Libyan Wings, has signed an outline deal for the purchase of three Airbus A350-900 jets and four of Airbus’s re-engined A320neo single-aisle aircraft.

According to Bloomberg, the deal is worth $1.2 billion at list prices.

The airline plans to commence short-haul services using leased planes early next year, while waiting for the new Airbus aircraft to be delivered after 2020.

State-owned Libyan Airlines, along with its affiliate Afriqiyah Airways, control an estimated 55 percent of the market, according to a spokesman for Libyan Wings, who added:

Business and aviation in Libya -- despite the unrest -- is high ... Passenger numbers are through the roof, so there is room for us.

 (Sources: Bloomberg, Libya Herald)

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