Promate Announces Deal with SmartCity

Promate Technologies has announced its newly formed partnership with SmartCity, which it describes as the First Libyan Super Retail Chain for consumer electronics.

Mr. Hani Nakuaa (pictured), CEO of SmartCity Co. while expressing his enthusiasm about this partnership said,

We are rebuilding our country after the revolution, and SmartCity project comes in line with every Libyan’s dream of the New Libya."

"We Are the First Power Retail Chain in Libya, and we are extremely proud of this partnership with Promate, Such a massive and yet unique design LifeStyle Technology product portfolio is an essential need nowadays in Libya.

"My team and customers are very impressed with Promate Technologies’ products that are of high quality, exceptional design and reasonably priced."

Mr. Jihad Youssef, General Manager - Promate Technologies Middle East & Africa, said:

"At Promate, we localize ourselves through such partnerships with local retail kings, and do believe that SmartCity is a real Retail King in the Libyan Market."

"We are very excited to be part of this project with Smart City, and we will work very hard to deliver our best level of service and quality to the Libyan consumers."

(Source: Promate)

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