Creating Confidence in Libya

In recent days we've seen several energy companies issue warnings relating to their Libyan operations. BP is reported to be in talks to transfer a stake in its two Ghadames blocks to the NOC subsidiary Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), while both OMV and Repsol have blamed security problems in Libya for missing targets.

These events, and the continuing lawlessness, are not helping Libya's reputation and image. Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat put it bluntly: "We cannot afford having Libya turned into a failed state."

And whether one agrees or disagrees with the policies of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, his calls for support from the public should be heeded. Speaking on Sunday, he said, “the people must take to the streets … and support the building up of the army and police".

Worldwide, there is not a single example of a successful and prosperous state that is run by rival independent militias, and Libya is no exception to this rule. Now is the time to create a healthy and functioning government for the whole country of Libya.

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