Libya "Must End Plight of Displaced Communities"

“Finding a durable solution to Libya’s displacement problem will require time, but there are immediate steps that the authorities can take to show they are serious about respecting the rights of Tawarghas and other communities. There is no reason they should not enjoy their right to education and adequate standard of living like all other Libyans”.

Scores of Tawargha face obstacles in obtaining the documents they need to pursue higher education from academic establishments in Misratah. Families of missing persons do not receive governmental assistance, seemingly for no other reason than their perceived allegiance to Colonel al-Gaddafi.

Last month, Libya’s General National Congress agreed in principle to a Law on Transitional Justice that includes a set of measures to achieve truth, accountability and reparations for victims of human rights violations perpetrated during al-Gaddafi’s rule and since. The draft law, which is pending a final vote, establishes a Fact-Finding and Reconciliation Commission tasked, among other things, with addressing the situation of internally displaced persons without discrimination.

“The adoption of this law could be the first real step towards justice for Tawarghas and other displaced communities. Once the law is adopted, the authorities must ensure that the Commission is given the necessary resources and protection to conduct its work impartially, free from threats, public pressure and militia attack,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.

“A failure to do so could endanger the modest gains of victims in their struggle for truth and justice, and turn the law into another failed initiative.”

Amnesty International also urges the Libyan authorities to consult the Tawargha community in any discussions of solutions to address their needs, rights and legitimate interests.

(Source: Amnesty International)

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