Egyptian Truck Drivers Released, Return Home

After being held by gunmen in Ajdabiya, 74 Egyptian truck driver were released on Monday and have now reached Egypt via the Salloum border crossing.

According to the Egyptian Independent, Military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said that military intelligence was able to resolve the issue in coordination with Libyan authorities.

The drivers were on their way back to Egypt after delivering merchandise to Libya, when Libyan militiamen stopped and detained them and their vehicles just five kilometers east of Ajdabiya on Friday.

Hamad al-Akeir, spokesperson for the Libyan al-Zawya tribe, which kidnapped the drivers, expressed his wish that the news of the drivers' release would please Egyptians. “We released the Egyptians without conditions following the decision by Libyan tribes," Akeir was quoted by the Egyptian Independent. "However, we still insist on our demand. We trust the Egyptian judiciary. The Egyptian military cares about relations between Libya and Egypt."

(Source: Egyptian Independent)

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