Shooters Target Egyptian Coach

According to Reuters, Egyptian coach Hossam Al Badri was shot at in Libya on Saturday, just hours after his team Al Ahli Tripoli had drawn a league match.

"Our coach was shot at, at his home after a match in the league against Al Sowaihili that ended 1-1. (He) is safe but upset after what happened," the Libyan club were quoted as saying by Arab media on Sunday.

League football in Libya just resumed last month after stopping in February 2011 due to the civil conflict that ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi. This incident will certainly cast a shadow over Libya's plans to host the 2017 African Nations Cup finals.

Libya was only recently allowed by FIFA to host World Cup qualifiers after previously being forced to play home ties at neutral venues outside the country.

(Source: Reuters)

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