Libya Creates Establishes Horse Racing Authority

According to the Libyan Herald, the government of Libya has created a national Horse Racing Authority, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture but will operate independently.

The governing body's activities will include horse breeding, the registering and recording of bloodstock pedigrees, training and licensing trainers, equine welfare, the organising of racing events in Libya and Libya’s participation in such events abroad.

The Horse Racing Authority will also deal with any research and studies necessary to develop an equine export market in the country, as well as organising conferences and workshops in Libya on horse breeding and racing.

The authority will be run by a chairman and four board members, appointed by the cabinet based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture. The authority will also be partially state funded, as well as being supported by income generated from its activities and regulations.

It will be based in Tripoli, and will be able to open branches and offices anywhere in Libya with the Agriculture Ministry’s approval.

(Source: Libyan Herald)

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