Zeidan Calls for Foreign Help on Militancy

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has called on Western powers to help stop the spread of militancy in his country.

"The movement of these weapons endangers neighbouring countries too, so there must be international co-operation to stop it," Mr Zeidan said.

"Weapons are being smuggled out of and into Libya by groups which are trying to murder and assassinate people, and spread terror in the country," he said.

"You see every day the militants fight each other, the issue is that the arms are available for the Libyan citizens, they are available for the young people, it is available at homes and in stores everywhere."

Mr Zeidan added that ties between the Libya and the US will not be affected by the capture of suspected al-Qaeda leader Nazeeh Abdulhameed Al-Ruquei’ee [Abu Anas al-Liby] in Tripoli.

(Source: BBC)

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