New Arts Centre Opens in Tripoli

A new arts centre has opened in Tripoli. Celebrating it’s first exhibition this year, the Doshma centre has established itself as a hub of creativity where art can be exhibited, ideas can be expressed and the people of Libya brought together in a setting where they can eat, drink and relax.

Designed by Libya Design, the centre's simplicity and functionality in its form comes from the literal translation of its name, ‘bunker’, which informs the arched shape. The materials used for construction also reflect the spirit of the revolution in their ‘back to basics’ approach.

The architects felt it was important to build ‘as it had been during the revolution’, where men and women used whatever building materials were to hand. This informed the material selection and welding process that constructed the arched aluminium of the roof, which was the same process used to build defences by the Libyans.

Staying true to their ethos, the build cost amounted to just 200,000 Libyan Dinar (£99,600). Working closely with Libyan engineers Allabina and construction contractor and developer HudHud, Libya Design were able to realise the symbolic and cultural significance of the space in the very foundations of its design and construction.

The opening event in the Summer of this year, hosted by Noon Arts, has brought the work of twelve Libyan artists together, to contemplate today’s post-revolution Libya. The collection of powerful imagery is made up of photography, paintings, sculptures and film; it is a conversation between the artists and their communities through whatever media was available to them.

(Source: Libya Design)

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