GNC Member Investigated over $24m Bribe

Libya Herald reports that Naji Mukhtar, the head of the GNC's Energy Committee, has been referred to the attorney general over allegations that he had tried to give a LD30 million bribe to the leader of the Petroleum Facilities Guards to call off their strike.

The accusation against Mukhtar was made by PFD commander, Ibrahim Jadhran, whose men continue to block Libya’s eastern oil terminals, preventing exports from them.

Following the allegation, Mukhtar went on television to deny the claim, but he did admit that he had given Jadhran’s brother Salem, a number of checks, including one for LD2.5 million which was supposedly cashed.

Nuri Abu Sahmain, President of the Congress, set up an internal Congressional investigation into allegation nine days ago. That committee’s findings have now been forwarded to the attorney general.

Though Mukhtar remains chairman of the Energy Committee, the Sebha congressman has been removed from any role in dealing with the oil crisis.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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