Oil Production Improved, but Wafa Gas Shut

Libya’s Oil Ministry Measurement Director, Ibrahim Al Awami, has told Bloomberg that oil production has recovered to more than 700,000 barrels a day, nearly 45 percent of installed capacity, due to higher output from the western region.

The 8,000-bpd Hamada field resumed operations this weekend and is sending crude to the Zawiya export terminal, while the main producing fields now are El Feel [El Fil, Elephant], Sharara, Wafa, Brega, Al Jurf and Bouri.

The Arabian Gulf Oil Co. (AGOCO) is also producing 23,000 bpd from fields in the east, including Sarir and Messla which are supplying the 20,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Tobruk.

Libya’s main producing fields now are El Feel (Elephant), Sharara, Wafa, Brega, Al Jurf and Bouri, he said.

Meanwhile, Libya Herald reports that production from the Wafa gas field (pictured), which supplies Italy through the Greenstream pipeline, was halted on Sunday by industrial action, with striking workers demanding better benefits and conditions and the creation of more jobs.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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