UN Welcomes Transitional Justice Law

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomed the adoption by the General National Congress of the long-awaited law on Transitional Justice at its session held on Sunday 22 September.

UNSMIL has been stressing the need for the passage of a transitional justice law that it considers vital to helping Libya with many of its past tragedies and crimes and was described by the Head of the Mission, Mr. Tarek Mitri, as “essential in facilitating the difficult process of national reconciliation.”

UNSMIL looks forward to a speedy implementation of the law, in particular the provisions it includes on fact-finding, reparations for victims and accountability. The Mission believes that a prompt implementation of the law will enable Libya to move forward in laying solid and lasting foundations for a just and democratic society where human rights and the rule of law prevail. It will also enable Libya to prevent repetition of the atrocities that have been committed against its people for over four decades.

UNSMIL expresses its readiness to provide all the assistance it can offer to support all Libyans concerned during the implementation phase of the law and calls on the Libyan people to contribute to its successful implementation to ensure that this law meets its objective in achieving Libya’s durable stability.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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