Libyan Women Increase Participation in Democracy

Mrs. Amina Megheirbi, a member of the GNC, focused in her address on the importance of the role of women in the constitution-drafting process and the upcoming elections for the Constitution-Drafting Assembly as well as the efforts that were exerted in order to have a quota of seats for women in this assembly.

Mrs. Megheirbi stressed the necessity for joint action among Libyan women so that they can effectively and constructively contribute to the process of building the new Libya.

Mrs. Magda Elsanousi, head of UNSMIL’s Women Empowerment Section, affirmed that “the participation of women in the democratic transition also requires the involvement of men. This is in addition to the concerted efforts by the women themselves through speaking in one voice and coordinating on national and local levels as well as establishing a partnership with women in leadership positions in the GNC, political parties and the Government.”

Mrs. Elsanousi added: “Experiences in the Arab region have proven that the success of women movements in pushing for equal opportunities depends first and foremost on the women movements’ unity and cohesion as they focus on what brings them together while setting aside differences and what drives them apart.”

Mrs. Elsanousi also affirmed UN commitment to follow up on the efforts of the graduates of this workshop as well as continued support for the plan of action that will be adopted, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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