LTT Blocks Pornographic Websites

Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) has blocked nearly a million pornographic websites from being viewed in Libya.

According to a report from Libya Herald, the move follows a directive from the government criminalising the distribution and display to the general public of material deemed offensive.

Responding to the government’s insistence that its directive must not affect scientific or artistic websites, LTT says that its action has not had an impact on "social network".

It has set up a dedicated email address – [email protected] – to report any website that has been wrongly categorised as pornographic.

(Source: Libya Herald)

4 Responses to LTT Blocks Pornographic Websites

  1. Arman 20th September 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    Its a very well step taken by the LTT. I appreciate their movement to block such nuisance affecting the Muslim in Libya. I wish Pornography and porn industry to be banned or blocked around the world or at least the Muslim countries should care for their own benefit from Allah.

    • khaled 26th January 2014 at 11:32 pm #

      great job

  2. Anonymous 3rd November 2015 at 9:16 pm #

    No one should have the right to silence or censor others, especially when it comes to the Internet. The internet is a platform to gather information ( INCLUDING ) Pornography which is plainly, and simply a reality of Life. Let me throw some reality to you and the people here who live in a delusional dream world, Young people ( LIBYANS ) actually look for pornography, because its normal, If they were true to their religion to not search for sexual related content, cencorship would not be required and pornography would not be searched or googled.

    This is a step back from the ideals of the 17th February revolution. People should not be Silenced or Opressed in Any sense or form. Internet
    should not be blocked and LTT, NOR you should have any right to tell people what they should do with their private time at home. Wether it be searching for Porn sites, or Learning about controversial subjects on the internet.

    I am a Libyan, and i disagree STRONGLY, because if pornography is censored, then why not everything else? Perhaps make a libyan version of Wikipedia where all sorts of biased garbage could be used as propaganda to lie to people?

    In Reply to Arman, You can wish all you want, But this is a world where people are different, Including in Libya, Not all people are 'Muslim' and Not all people agree with your bigoted pre-programmed narrow view.

  3. Anonymous 12th November 2015 at 4:23 pm #

    You are part of the censorship plan by controlling Whats being posted.
    Yes you, Whoever is admining the Website. **** you.
    You accept what these religious ******* post on the site, Yet you dissallow the secular who disagrees/.

    IF you wont allow the other side to post, then the other side will use physical talk instead of Trash talk on the internet.

    I will teach you democracy by force.

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