G8 Deauville Partnership Investment Conference

The UK Presidency of the G8, in association with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the Islamic Development Bank, will hold a Deauville Partnership Investment Conference on 16 September 2013 in London.

The conference aims to bring together government representatives and businesses from the G8, regional partners and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) to enable a constructive dialogue on the opportunities, reforms undertaken to date, and the principal barriers that need to be addressed to increase investment and trade in the transition countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Jordan and Yemen).

The event will:

  • Provide networking opportunities between companies from the Arab Countries in transition and those across the G8 and Deauville regional partners (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Turkey), as well as networking with IFIs, with a focus on supporting new investors.
  • Include sector focused panel discussions, facilitating discussions between investors, governments and the IFIs about challenges and policy barriers to attracting greater investment; provide meeting rooms and a booking system to facilitate one-to-one discussions.
  • Include sessions covering Managing Investment Risks in Arab Countries in Transition and Accessing Local Skills and Supply Chains.
  • Provide a platform for Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya and Yemen to showcase foreign direct investment opportunities and the action their governments are taking to improve their investment climate.
  • Provide opportunities for one-to-one discussions between participants, speakers and government officials.

For any general enquiries about this event, please contact [email protected]

(Source: UK FCO)

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