AGOCO Tender for Vehicle Mgt and Tracking

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a tender to monitor its fleet of vehicles in the oil fields and within the major cities.

A brief description of the work:

1) Fleet Management system:

System is installed in the company's sites to track and manage vehicles, where the number of vehicles targeted is (300) cars (three hundred cars) most of them are a desert-type vehicles Toyota -four-wheel drive

In view of the fact that system (GSM , GPRs) is not available in most areas of the desert, so

Therefore, the system must include a guidebook of the usage of communication technology via satellite.

Must also be provided with applications and software programs necessary to allow the company to monitor and control its fleet of vehicles ,In terms of the speed , direction to locate the vehicle on the map.

The system shall also provided with a property system to give powers to individuals and the ability to extract the various reports.

2) Vehicle Tracking System:

Includes a system for monitoring vehicles within major cities ,considering that the number of vehicles is around (250)two hundred and fifty cars of various types

This system should only apply (GSM, GPRs) coverage.

The system shall be provided with a property to determine the direction, location and speed of the vehicle, as well as provided with an ( on \ off ) property of the engine in case of emergency

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