COMSOFT Wins Libyan Contract

Libyan CAA launched a pioneering programme to perform a fundamental country-wide upgrade of their existing AFTN and AIS infrastructure in order to enhance flight safety.

LCAA have been effectively operating COMSOFT’s highly dependable AIDA-NG (pictured) and CADAS products since 2004, and have again put their full confidence in the German expert to address their high technical and operational expectations.

With the upgrade Libya will join the still exclusive club of ANSPs processing their aeronautical information data in line with the ICAO Roadmap AIS to AIM. In addition, LCAA will benefit from the fast and highly reliable AMHS messaging that already connects many countries in the Arab peninsula and North African Region.

Home to the world’s hottest desert, The Sahara, Libya’s expansive sandy landscape makes air travel essential in order to facilitate Libya’s transportation infrastructure; meanwhile a number of national airports are of growing importance.

For this reason COMSOFT’s innovative AMHS and AIM solutions will be provided not only to the central site in capital city Tripoli, but countrywide messaging and information management services will also be delivered via remote installations at Metiga, Mistrata, Sahba, Benina.

During the course of the ambitious project LCAA will upgrade their NOTAM, OPMET, Briefing and Flight Plan Management facilities and simultaneously integrate the components in a state-of-the-art AIXM 5.1-based AIM concept. This includes the central handling of static data and the fully integrated ability to generate electronic AIP and aeronautical charts directly from the central AIXM 5.1 database contents.

Tripoli International Airport is a public airport serving international and domestic passengers from most European and Arab airlines, and handling over three million travellers per year. With the installation of two new terminals they hope to increase this capacity to 20 million passengers annually, therefore, increasing the need for advanced and reliable message handling.

(Source: COMSOFT)

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