Interior Minister Resigns

Interior Minister Mohammed Khalifa al-Sheikh [Cheikh] (pictured) has resigned only three months after taking up the post, saying that Prime Minister Ali Zeidan [Zidan] had withdrawn all powers from him and he could not do his job properly, and complaining of interference by members of the General National Congress (GNC).

Mr Sheikh, the second cabinet minister to quit in the past two weeks, has come under pressure to deal with the continuing violence in the country.

He said the government had failed to deal with the unrest, win the people's trust, and provide state agencies with adequate resources.

The former colonel in Tripoli's police force also spoke of being put under "pressure" from GNC members after trying to sack officials.

He told state TV Al-Wataniya that he was prepared to stay in office until a replacement could be found. However, the Prime Minister accepted his resignation immediately and appointed deputy prime minister Dr. Saddiq Abdulkareem to run the ministry on a temporary basis.

Sheikh was given the post in May, following the resignation of Ashour Shuwail, following the passing of the Political Isolation Law.

(Sources: BBC News, PressTV, Libya Herald)

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