Keeping the Show on the Road

Most jobs have their challenges, and few worthwhile jobs are easy, but running Libya at the moment has to be one of the most difficult tasks one can face.

Within a few days, a prominent political activist was assassinated in Benghazi, violence broke out in several places, and more than 1,000 prisoners escaped from jail. A cabinet re-shuffle now appears likely.

But throughout all the efforts to calm the country and bring it towards a peaceful normality, there is the continuing need to keep the oil and gas revenues flowing; without cashflow, Libya would be in an even worse state, and have less chance of rectifying its problems.

Yet even that is proving difficult. We mentioned the stoppage at Zueitina port last week, and in the meantime the ports of Ras Lanuf and Es Sider have been disrupted by strikers.

As bad as things may be for some people in Libya, they will get a lot worse if the oil and gas can't get to where it's needed. Libyans must be very careful not to cut off their own funding.

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