Ras Lanuf Tender for Steel/Concrete Work

The tender committee of the Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (RASCO) invites sealed bids from eligible contractors to quote for steel and concrete structure repair.

  • Project Title: Sea Water Intake Steel & Concrete Structure Repair
  • Project No: 8488
  • B.D. Price: 2,000 Ld
  • Preliminary Insurance: 15.000 Ld
  • Bid Closing Date: 27/08/2013
  • Site Inspection: 29/07/2013
  • Bid Doc. Availability Till: 24/07/2013

This project is to carry out reparation to all deteriorated steel and concrete structures works above and under water level at Sea Water Intake Area whether shown on the drawings or not.

Interested specialized contractors who have enough experience and knowledge to perform such activities are invited to tender for the above mentioned project by nominating a rep. to collect tender’s documents from tenders committee office in Ras Lanuf daily from 10:30 am to 12:30. Documents also can be obtained (upon request) from our offices in Benghazi /or Tripoli (in accordance to set procedures).

§ Bidders who have interest to participate and valid registration and licenses and have enough experience and knowledge to perform such activities (prove capability) are kindly requested to:

§ Purchase ITB document, payment in form of certified check (company account) in favor of Ras Lanuf oil & Gas Processing Company (this is not refundable).

§ Present company profile showing financial status and past experience in the field.

§ Offer must be presented in sealed envelopes as follows:

a) Technical offer.

b) Commercial offer (priced).

c) Commercial offer (not priced)in which the Preliminary insurance should be included in form of certified check payable to Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company, Private account not accepted.

§ Each envelope should indicate: content, project title, project No. and bidders name and contact address.

§ Bidders have to furnish all information required in the IBT attachment(1).

§ Bids should be valid for 120 days, bidders are responsible for bids preparation and expenses.

§ Contract shall be in accordance with N.O.C. Contracting and Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Co. special conditions.

§ RASCO T.C. is neither obliged to give explanation for rejected offers nor to choose the lowest offered price.

§ Financial evaluation shall be restricted to the technically accepted offers.

§ Bids not meeting requirements and those not meeting B.C.D. shall be rejected.

Site inspection should be arranged with Project Department on following numbers. 054 384 2001 -054 384 2007 ext. 29080 , 20238

Tel. & fax :054 384 3322

For more information do not hesitate to contact tenders Committee during working hours on 054 3843304 or on tenders Committee’s

email: [email protected]

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