Gaddafi Compound to be Turned into Park

AFP reports that Bab al-Aziziya, the sprawling Tripoli residence of Muamar Gaddafi, is to be turned into an amusement park.

Tourism minister Ikram Basha Imam [Ikram Abdulsalam Imam] (pictured) said:

"The work to clear away the rubble from the ruins of Bab al-Aziziya, which was a black spot in Tripoli and a source of concern for residents, has begun. This space will be transformed into a green area and an amusement park as a place of entertainment for Libyan families."

The estate covers several hectares of prime real estate in central Tripoli. It was heavily fortified, but was destroyed by NATO air raids and a rebel assault on August 20, 2011, and was later plundered and occupied by squatters.

In August 2012, Prime Minister Abdelrahim al-Kib announced plans to construct a library, theatre and a monument to martyrs of the conflict on the site, but that project was subsequently abandoned in favour of a public park.

Eight private companies had been contracted to build the new park.

(Source: AFP)

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