Eni Seeks Expressions of Interest for Offshore Services

Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch (ENI NA) wish to verify the availability of reputable, interested and experienced contractors specialized in providing offshore services as listed here below for ENI NA up-coming drilling activities in the Offshore exploration blocks in Libya.

ENI NA is expecting to run drilling offshore operations by means of drilling unit/s in a range of water depth (indicatively 70 – 300 m), in presence of H2S (about 20,000 ppm) and the rated working pressure for the requested Equipment is 10,000 psi.

Required Well Area Auxiliary Services are as follows:

Integrated Well Testing Services;

Directional Drilling MWD, LWD and down hole tools & well surveying services

Drilling and completion fluids, materials, services and solids control equipment;

Drilling, fishing, milling, downhole hole tools services;

Drilling Sub Sea well heads + 30” & 20” Conductor pipe and installation services;

Coring Services;

Casing and tubing make up services, casing accessories and down-hole tools rental;

Coiled tubing, matrix stimulation, Nitrogen services and material supply;

Waste Treatment service;

H2S Service;

ROV Service;

Mud Logging Services;

Wire-line logging service;

Cementing, Pumping Services and Material Supply.

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