Libya to Host Female Engineers/Architects Forum

Libya Herald reports that Libya is to host the third meeting of the Arab Female Engineers and Architects Forum.

This year’s forum will discuss the challenges that Arab female engineers and architects face as they work their way up to holding powerful positions in their respective countries.

Minister of Tourism Ikram Abdulsalam Imam told the Libya Herald:

Holding the third meeting in Libya will send a positive message to the world concerning the future of the country. Organising such an event also reflects the important role Arab women play in the development of their countries.

The forum, which will run from 23rd to 24th November, will welcome engineers, architects and researchers from all over the Arab world. In particular, the forum hopes to hear from women who have ideas about, and visions of strategies that may help improve the status of Arab female architects and engineers.

“We aim to support female engineers of all ages and at different stages of their careers,” head of the scientific committee for the third forum, Intisar Azzouz, told the Libya Herald.

The Arab Female Engineers and Architects Forum is part of the Arab Engineers and Architects Union. The first forum was held in Jordan in 2010 and the second one, last year, was hosted by Lebanon.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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