Harouge Tender for Gas Turbine Maintenance

Harouge Oil Operations has issued an invitation to participate in tender No (20/2013), for companies that have the required legal and valid licence documents to perform C-Type 40000 hours maintenance overhaul and inspection for one gas turbine and its generator unit Siemens SGT-500, formerly ABB GT-35.


Perform the 40.000 hours inspection of the SGT-500 turbine and alternator as per OEM standard scope.Unit description is as follows:

- Gas Turbine: GT-35 C Dual fuel Nr: B000253,

- Generator: ABB Type: GTA 975 CV rated at 17 MW.

The gas turbine is located in Amal field V-12 and it is used for power generation. All specialized companies and, who wish to participate in this tender, should send an approved representative to collect the tender package. The collection date for the tender package commences from Tuesday 23/07/2013 until Thursday 25/07/2013 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Collection of the tender package is from Secretary of the Tenders Committee office, sixth Floor at the company head office in Tripoli, according to the following criteria: Provide an official letter to HOO’s Chairman of Tender Committee confirming the intention for participation in this tender. Representative of the participating company shall be authorized to collect the tender package and shall present an official document Stamped with the seal of the company.

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