New Body to Shake up Bureaucracy

Libya's General National Congress has approved the creation of a new body to cut through red tape and improve the performance of the country’s bureaucracy.

According to a report from Libya Herald, the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) was first mooted by congressmen frustrated by the inability of the existing Audit Bureau to influence control the financial and administrative performance.

A provision that would have folded the Audit Bureau into the new ACA was rejected; the new body will report directly to the GNC while the Audit Bureau will continue to work to the prime minister’s office.

The ACA has been empowered to oversee the bureaucracy, but it is not yet clear what powers it will have.

(Source: Libya Herald)

One Response to New Body to Shake up Bureaucracy

  1. Abu Omar 26th December 2015 at 9:20 am #

    The ACA nothing but another channel established primarily to produce more vacant senior roles to calm down angry figures who refuse to give-up power and their undeserved benefits.

    With respect to some members od staff, the ACA might not be trusted yet to investigate the ongoing fraud operations in Libyan institutions. In some cases, the ACA delayed to act on time in collaboration with business senior managements such as in the telecommunication sector and others to give them more time and opportunity to cover-up their sham corruption before start investigation, which I found it total disgrace.

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