Berber Elected President

Libya's General National Congress (GNC) has elected a new president to succeed Muhammad al-Magarief [Magariaf].

Named variously as Nouri Abusahmen, Nuri Ali Abu Sahmain, Ali Nouri Abou Sahin, and Nouri Abusahmain, he comes from the Amazigh (Berber) minority which was discriminated against during Col Gaddafi's rule.

An independent member of parliament, he won 96 votes out of the 184 cast in the second round of polling, securing the support of the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Justice and Construction Party.

He gained most votes in the first round before defeating another independent, al-Wafi Muhammad [Sharif Al-Wafi Muhamed], in the final round.

Mr Abusahmen comes from the western coastal town of Zuwara. He studied law in the late 1970s and international relations in the UK. For much of his life he worked in the petrochemicals industry before winning his seat in his home town in the elections that followed the revolution.

(Sources: BBC News, Reuters, AfriqueJet, ANSAmed)

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