Dutch Foreign Minister Visits Tripoli

The Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans (pictured) arrived in Tripoli on Sunday in what Libya Herald describes as a "lightning visit" for talks with the Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan.

Stopping off on his way to Tunis, he also met with his Libyan opposite number, Mohamed Abdulaziz as well as with the Second Deputy President of Congress, Saleh Al-Makhzoum.

The Minister said that he wanted to see a much closer relationship between Libya and the Netherlands, and that his country would be looking to provide support and skills in certain niche areas, including border security.

He added that, despite the security issues, he believes that the reality is much better than what was presented in the media outside the country.

The Netherlands is already working closely with the Libya Coast Guard and has supplied it with eight patrol craft. Thirty-two navy personnel have also being trained in the Netherlands on the use of the boats.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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