Survey: Most Libyans Want Decentralisation

Libya Herald reports that more than half of Libyans want to see a decentralised country.

The survey entitled “Comprehensive National Survey on Libyans’ Opinions on the Constitution” and sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, asked 2,042 Libyans what they wanted to see in the new draft constitution.

The idea of a decentralised Libya was backed by 57 percent of respondents.

61 percent of the participants said the Dar Al-Ifta, an Islamic legal institutions, ought to be an advisory body, giving its opinion only when asked.

Some 90 percent supported the idea of having the constitution ensure that women play an important role in building the new Libya.

The new tri-colour flag was approved by 88 percent of respondents, the same proportion who also liked the new national anthem.

The Minister of Higher Education, Mohamed Hasan Abu-Bakr, told the Libya Herald:

It is our job to support such projects ...This is the first time such a serious survey has probed the opinions of Libyan citizens. We hope to organise more surveys of this kind in the near future.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Source: Libya Herald)

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