Tender: New AGOCO Workshop at Nafoora

Who desires to bid has to present the applicant’s qualification and previous experience, supported with documents of the related field ,including copies of the handing –over minutes of projects executed for the interested bodies.

A copy of work license.(Valid)

A copy of a recent Commercial Record Extract .(Valid)

A copy of record certificate of the Chamber of Commerce .(Valid)

A proof of tax payment . (Valid)

A copy of the decree of formation.

A copy of the basic structure.

A copy of a partnership agreement (if any)- if the company had incorporated or joined another legal person - certified by the local competent authorities or by those at the state headquarters-If the other party in the partnership agreement is a foreigner and approved by the Libyan embassy at the State Headquarters.

A work permission from the competent ministry for the foreign companies.

The participant is accepted in bid and shall facilitate the field visit procedures to his company's headquarter for the Arabian Gulf Oil company representatives who authorized to examine all his available material and human capabilities .

The Tender should be submitted in (3) separated envelopes, closed with red sealing wax and with the stamp of the bidder, writing clearly the name of the project, the bid number and the name of the participating Body on each envelope. The first envelope should include a priced financial proposal (original + a copy), the second envelope includes a technical proposal (original + a copy). As well as the validity of the proposal shall be three months at least from the date of the closing date stated in this announcement.

However, the third envelope should contain an un-priced financial proposal without price, do not mention the price , other wise, it will be rejected and has to contain the required financial conditions and the required method of payment, with the necessity to agree on all AGOCO general terms and conditions____

In order to participate in the tender. However, it has to be submitted in (an original + a copy)attached with a preliminarily guarantee .

The submitted proposals should be attached with a preliminary guarantee of (0.5%) of the submitted proposal value as a preliminary insurance by a cheque issued by one of the banks working in Libya, in the name of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company ,valid for six months from the date of submitting the proposal in a separate envelope and closed with sealing wax. All guarantees and cheque shall be returned to the bidder who didn't win the bid.

The proposals shall be submitted during the official working hours to the main Tender Committee at the Arabian Gulf Oil company Headquarter- Alkeish- Benghazi- B.O. box 263 the dead line is : time : 14.00 p.m \ day: Sunday , corresponding to: 30/06/2013 A.D

Any proposal not complying with the above mentioned procedures shall not be accepted ,i.e. any offer which does not comply with such tender ,or not clearly reflects the ability of the bidder to execute the work in a required precision ,shall be ignored, and the lower prices shall not be the only standard for winning the bid .The Arabian Gulf Oil Company has the right to cancel the tender without stating the causes, as well as the Arabian Gulf Oil Company shall not bear any expenses incurred by the participant after the tender cancellation ,taking into account that all offers and the attached document submitted by the participant in this tender will be owned by the Arabian Gulf Oil Company,

For any inquiries, please, contact the main tender committee secretariat on the following address :

The Main Tender Committee –Office No.: (4 )-New building- The Company's main headquarter - Alkiesh- Benghazi – Libya - P.O.box:263-

Fax No.:218-61-2229006

Tell. No.: 218-061—2228931-44 –internal No.: 3883

Note: All correspondence shall be addressed to the Head of The Main Tender Committee of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company.

The Main Tender Committee

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company

via National Oil Corporation - Arabian Gulf Oil..tender no MTC14/2013.

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