BP Seeks “Expressions of Interest” in Helicopter Service

BP Exploration Libya Ltd has requested “Expression of Interest” from qualifying Contractors for the provision of Offshore Helicopter Services in support of BP’s forthcoming exploration drilling campaign in the Gulf of Sidra, North East of Misurata, averaging 180 nautical miles direct track one-way over water with an extended range probability of 240 nautical miles off the coast of Libya commencing October, 2014. Activity will require continuous year-round support through summer and winter conditions for 5 deep wells and contract duration of 3 years.

Any contractors providing “Expression of Interest” must as a minimum provide the following information:

  • A) Copies of Libyan Company Registration Documents (Libyan Tax Registration/Libyan Company Registration/Libyan Permit to Work);
  • B) Contractor’s nationality and details of their Registration
  • C) Details of experience and results in provision of Offshore Oil & Gas helicopter support services in Libya as applicable; and inclusive of any qualified and tested Search & Rescue capability, operating applicable large civil offshore helicopter types to Oil & Gas Producer Aviation requirements, capable of “long-reach” endurances.
  • D) Details of Health, Safety and Environment Management programs in place.
  • E) Details of [Sikorsky S92 & Eurocopter EC225 specific] Equipment the contractor owns (including technical specifications applicable to the Expression of Interest’s scope)

[To meet BP’s aviation operating requirements Contractors shall be aligned to OGP Aircraft Management Guidelines. Applicable Contractors meeting these requirements are now invited to register their interest for the provision of [Offshore Oil & Gas Helicopter Services with a proven capability to reach the offshore acreage with an acceptable payload and endurance throughout the term of the 5 wells]

This information will then be used by BP Libya to identify potential contractors to participate in a future competitive tender for this work.

Response Deadline and Address

A statement of Expression of Interest and all required data must be received no later than the close of business on [6th May 2013]

Interested contractors can submit the information via email as follows:

Email address:

[email protected]

The information can alternatively be submitted on CD to BP Libya, Abdelaziz Bin Omar Street, Noufleen, Tripoli – attention: PSCM Manager

BP Exploration Libya Ltd reserves the right to exclude without notice Contractors providing insufficient or inadequate information. This announcement is to be considered as an Expression of Interest only

(Source: NOC)

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