ENI Tender for Services

Reference is also made to your Shareholding structure for which we kindly ask to provide your most updated information. Specifically we need the disclosure of all “Ultimate Beneficiaries” of your company even when shares are owned by trustees.

Pre Qualification Questionnaire duly filled in as per format here ( PRE Qu format )

In detail the Applicant is also requested to submit documentation in order to comply with following requirements:

Ensure preparation and submission of documentation for the purpose of obtaining permits and approvals.

To provide all personal safety equipment (where applicable).

Provide all environmental protection as required by government regulations.

For the execution of the services the applicant must indicate which shall be generated in house, which by nominated sub-contractors.

ENINA will evaluate the above requested documentation and, if satisfied, as a result of its careful evaluation, will include the applicant in its Vendor List in order to consider your company for future tender processes regarding the subject activities.

Only qualified companies or consortia or JV that have proven capability and recent experience of supplying the above required services will be considered for potential tenders for the scope of service described above.

The purpose of the information and documents request is to start a “pre-qualification assessment” and to give an opportunity to the selected companies to provide details of its legal structure, its management, its experience, its resources and overall capability to perform the service.

ENI NA must satisfy itself that each of the final selected companies have the resources, management and all the capability to act as a single legal entity (company) in order to achieve the required targets of quality, HSE, standards and programme.

All responses are to be supported by such narrative, organisation charts, resource charts and other information which the company considers necessary to substantiate the individual responses and provide ENI NA with the required confidence in the company's capabilities and experiences.

This enquiry shall not be considered an invitation to bid and therefore it does not represent or constitute any promise, obligation or commitment of any kind on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you or with any company participating in this pre-enquiry.

Consequently, all data and information provided by you shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you, nor shall they entitle your company to claim any indemnity from ENI NA.

All data and information provided pursuant to this enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or communicated to non-authorized persons or companies except ENI NA

If interested and without any obligation on our part, you are kindly requested to:

  • Submit the whole documentation requested herein;
  • Confirm your authorization for a "qualification assessment" which, if necessary, will be conducted by ENI NA representative and which might also require a visit to your premises;
  • Advise the estimated workload (maximum, busy and available) for the period 2013-2016

Documentation shall be saved in Acrobat “.pdf” format and sent via e-mail attachments or by courier mail / or hand delivered, with the inclusion of a CD ROM, at the below address and email:

Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch

Contract & Procurement Department

Ibn Hani Street - Dahra

P.O. Box 12132

Tripoli - Libya.

E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

The closing date for the submission of the above mentioned documentation is fixed to 9/05/2013 at noon (Libyan time).

(Source: NOC)

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