Mellitah Tender to Study Radioactive Materials and Mercury


Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy the minimum requirements and submit the required information below. Failure to submit any of the under listed documents will render automatic disqualification

1. The bidders must be registered in Libya and have valid licenses

2. Experience of similar contracts and references in Libya and worldwide( List of clients and project details)

3. The bidder shall provide detail of HSEQ Management system, policies and procedures;

4. Curriculum Vitae of Professionals assigned for this project be attached

5. A clear and detailed procedures to perform the work;

6. Availability / arrangements of survey equipment / instruments / detectors, sample collection devices etc;

7. Detail and compatibility of accredited laboratory to be used for testing and analyses of samples;

8. Financial Status documents and for 5 year’s turnover;

9.Letter on Company's letterhead Addressed to the "Contract Department Manager" stating expression of interest on the respective tender.

Valid copy of Company Registration in Libya, if already registered, or details of Branch Office, Representative or Agent in Libya and Tax department declaration.

10. any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant /consortium.

11.Two copies of the Prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements shall be submitted in envelopes to companies not register in Mellitah vendors list or one copy for company registered and marked:

Tender Number 728

Study for the Management and Control of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials and Naturally Occurring Mercury in MOG Fields

Addressed to the " Contracts Department Manager" to the following address:

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company

Dahra Kebira Street, P.O. Box 346,


Or to the following E-mail address:

[email protected]

1-The prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than 6/5/2013

2-Company has the right to exclude any file dose not meet the above stipulated requirements.

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