English Language Conference in Tripoli

An English language teaching and learning conference has opened at Tripoli University’s Faculty of Education.

The two-day event, finishing on Tuesday, was organised jointly by the university and the British Council; it will explore effective approaches to the teaching and learning of English within the Libyan context.

Shaban Aldabbus, of Tripoli University’s Faculty of Education, said:

"This conference provides an opportunity for English language teaching (ELT) professionals in Libya to come together to share ideas and experiences of best classroom practices and appropriate methodologies ... [it will be an opportunity] to participate actively in discussions about English language teaching and learning in Libya."

There will be workshops and talks by ELT specialists on current approaches in teaching English, including communicative teaching approaches, methods for improving skills and classroom management techniques.

The director general of the National Teaching Training Centre, Om Elkhir Muftah Bohalfaya, said that the conference was “very important to encourage Libyan teachers of English.”

(Source: Libya Herald)

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