Medco Tender for 750HP Drilling Rig

Ancillary Equipment:

  • Swabbing Lubricator with pressure control/pack-off capability and all associated sinker bars and sufficient swab cups and mandrel for continued swabbing operations.
  • 30 ton crane and operator with 24 hours operator coverage
  •  12 ton forklift or front end loader with 24 hours operator coverage
  • Oilfield bed truck and trailer designated to rig
  • Complete fishing equipment for contractors down hole tools
  • Tubular handling equipment for operators tubular string design
  • Crew pickup
  • Toolpusher pickup
  • Transfer pumps and transfer lines for water transfer between reserve pit and rig between reserve tanks and rigs tanks
  • Telecommunication system for contractor usage

Please identify the following with selected Rig Availability:

  • Rig Number
  • Age of Drilling Rig
  • Origin of Drilling Rig
  • Age of Camp
  • Origin of Camp
  • Date of last Inspection
  • Date of last Tubular Inspection
  • Rig specific Accident record for previous 36 months
  • Last three Operators and duration of contract including area of work
  • List of Senior and Junior personnel
  • Company training grid for Rig personnel
  • Valid certificate of the Rig
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