GreenStream Pre-Qual for HR Mgt and Payroll

7. Others:

Elaboration, supply and installation of proper Payroll Software, which shall be in accordance with last Libyan Laws on the subject.


• User Guide Manual

• System Administration user manual

• Technical user manual.

The software supplied manuals should be in English language.

Remote and non remote Start access to the system with (ID and Password) to prepare GreenStream employee, personal data (payslip, vacations etc.) and delivered to GreenStream personnel by payslip profile through company server.

Service contract: Warranty - at least two years guarantee. Services, Maintenance and verification shall be every 6 months.

On request updating of the Software any time the Libyan Laws updated.

Initial CERTIFICATION that the system in compliance with Libyan Laws (e.g. labour law, tax law etc.) and confirmation of validity of its certification at any Semester Maintenance/Verification.

Transfer of all existing GreenStream data from the existing "Egorithm"system to the new system data.

The customized interface between payroll and SunSystem should be provided.

Declaration that the data/information got during the contract, (e.g. salary etc.), will be stored and saved by the system, and managed with proper security and privacy level.

Option: request of intervention by GS (according to contract applicable tariff)

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