GreenStream Pre-Qual for HR Mgt and Payroll

6.1 The System allows storing a wide range of reference data on employees, including pictures, positions, all personal data bank documents (passport, license and others etc.).

6.2 The input data, storage and analysis of the personnel information, can be updated by Company Organization Structure, (old record should be stored).

6. Output Reporting:

6.1 The system includes Report writing in English and Arabic languages.

6.2 The reports in standard run format within MS Excel this provides the “normal” end-user with the capability to configure and build reports without any conflict with other report. The output reports must include at least:

- Monthly Payroll Report

- Loan deduction detailed reports.

- Employee payment certificate

- Data Income Taxes and Social Security Contribution tariff payment reports.

- Table below is showing the local and expatriates output reports required:

Local & Expat Reports

English Reports

1- Monthly Payroll Details

2- Monthly Payroll Details by cost center

3- Monthly Payroll Total summary

4-Income Tax Details

5- Social Security Contribution

6- Monthly Over time Details Reports

7-Employee Payroll Details List for Period

8- Monthly Net salary Report

9- Monthly Loan Deduction

10-Issue Pay Certificates For Local Employee

11-Human Resource Reports for Data

12-Human Resource Reports for Absence

Arabic Reports

1-Covering letter taxes

2-Summary Contributions security

3-Subscriptions to the Social Security Fund

4-report deductions Social Solidarity

5-Report details of income tax

Expat Reports, English Reports

1-Expat Salary Details Summary

2-Expat Salary Details in Foreigner Currency & Libyan Dinars

3-Expat Salary Details in Libyan Dinars

4-Expat Local Portion net Payment LYD,

5-Expat Salary Payslips

6-Expat Personnel Remittances

7-Expat net Payment Summary

8-Posting of Salaries

Simple to deal with Vacation, absence from work, Unpaid Leave, Recuperation, Sick Leave, Maternity, Rest Day, official holidays ….etc

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